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*Buyer cash rewards only available in 42 states. The following states do not allow cash rebates to real estate customers: Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, or Tennessee.

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How does it work?

Home Advisor

We connect you with a licensed Newzip Home Advisor who will set you up for success. We help you create a path to home ownership in the area you want to live in.

Local agent matching

Once you’re ready to view some properties we will match you with a Newzip certified top performing agent in the local area best fit to service your needs.

Moving concierge

Once you’ve found your dream home you get access to our moving platform which gives you the ability to schedule all necessary moving services with the click of a button. A dedicated moving concierge will be there to help guide you through the entire process.

Cash rewards

Customers receive cash rewards based on their home sales price that is credited to the customer during the transaction lowering your required cash to close.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you're not happy with a recommended real estate agent for any reason, we'll find you another one.

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Research indicated that over 50% of Americans cry at least once during their real estate transaction, we fixed that.

Newzip has been amazing to work with throughout the home buying process! They are professional, friendly, and they stay in contact with you to make sure you have what you need. I highly recommend using their services!

LaQueena G.

Wonderful company to work with, started house hunting early February and am now moving in end of April. Newzip got me an extra $1500 towards closing cost! Awesome representatives, highly recommend.

Jose C.

Newzip is a great company, they stay in touch and make sure you are happy with the realtor they pair you with, and answer any questions you have. So helpful, will highly recommend them!!!!

Cheryl C.

I was paired with the absolute BEST team! Followed up with me continuously throughout the process and answered all of my questions. Truly made the home buying process painless. Highly recommend Newzip!

Callie B.

We were paired with the best realtor! She was EXACTLY the type of real estate agent a buyer should have. She was attentive, knowledgable, and friendly. Thank you Newzip!

Noela N.

Newzip paired us with a wonderful realtor and checked in throughout our first home buying experience. Would recommend!

Mark P.

Using Newzip was an excellent choice and the realtor we where paired with went above and beyond for us.

Kent M.

Was very helpful in finding us an agent and helping us in home buying process highly recommended for anyone looking to buy a home.

Jonathan B.

What a great company to work with and even saved me some money. Thank you for everything.

Michael W.

My agent is very helpful and informative and always on the go whenever there’s new listing I wanna see. I’m glad to be working with Newzip, they made my first home buying process an easy experience. I highly recommend them.

Dettie P.

Newzip and the agent I matched with are the epitaph of what real astate is all about, making sure the client is the most important thing and money is not.

Robert B.

They matched me with the right agent to help find the right house. Newzip was there every second of the way, thank you for your helpful hand.