Manage your new real estate division

Don’t stop at financing, extend your offering and convert more loans with a concierge real estate experience that saves borrowers money
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Increase conversion
Avg attachment rate
Avg customer savings
Consumer NPS
Add real estate to your value proposition
Our real estate brokerage-as-a-service solution empowers lenders to offer their own RESPA & SOC-2 compliant real estate agent offering nationwide in order to build better customer relationships, convert more leads, and offer a more competitive value proposition.
Real estate concierge platform
Offer your borrowers a concierge real estate experience that will guide them end-to-end through their real estate journey while keeping you engaged and top of mind.
Dedicated team of licensed Home Advisors
Agent matching nationwide based on best fit
A white glove moving concierge experience
Customers save 0.5% on buy side an 1% on sell side*
*Cash rewards only available in 42 states. The following states do not allow cash rebates to real estate customers: Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, or Tennessee.
Centralized data & reporting
Our proprietary software enables you to have full visibility into your real estate pipeline and manage your agent relationships.
Macro and micro view of all customer and agent activity
Real time reporting to track key performance indicators
Team permissioning for LOs, managers, and executives
Bi-directional API integration with your CRM/POS system
Real estate triggers
We mine the activity data customers take with agents in order to generate predictive insights so you can stay on top of your pipeline and be proactive rather than reactive.
Predictive referral outcomes analytics
SMS & E-mail notification of key events
Identify who in your pipeline is at risk
Review accountability reports for each lost deal
Manage your agent network
Grow your agent network in one centralized place so you can build more relationships and win more business
Track ROI of each agent relationship
Find and add new agents to your network
Review each agents & home advisor you work with
Expand your sphere of influence
Case study
Sound too good to be true? Read about our partnership with Cardinal Financial and how they increased their conversion rates 25x with Newzip
Cardinal Financial case study
Cardinal Financial partnered with Newzip to optimize their consumer direct purchase lead funnel in order to increase conversion rates, differentiate from the competition, and elevate their customer value proposition. This case study is the result of the first 4 months of the partnership.
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